Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, a toy helicopter with camera will surely put a smile on your face when you’re making it fly through the air.

Today I will be reviewing some the best remote controlled helicopters that come equipped with cameras, lets start off with this nice looking Haktoys product.

haktoys toy helicopter with camera

Haktoys HAK635C Toy Helicopter With Camera

One of the best toy helicopter with camera, the Hak 635C not only is an affordable option, but also comes with a wide range of features.

It features a beautiful paint job with black being the main color along with white and red stripes on the sides as well as a logo on each side, making the rc helicopter look very beautiful.

The tail of the copter is also completely black, overall, this rc helicopter looks really good.

The Hak 645C comes equipped with a 2.4 GHz transmitter and also has a gyroscope which is very useful. It can rotate in all directions and has different flying speeds settings depending on how fast you wish to go.

It can also hover in the air as you’d expect a helicopter to do. The body is made out of very light materials that are also quite durable.

It can withstand slight winds and is also able to land in extreme conditions such as snow. You can also fly this toy helicopter with camera indoors as well as outdoors as it is a very stable model.

It features a 3 channel transmitter and is fully electrically powered as well as radio controlled. The package also includes a very useful 16 GB memory card to make sure that you have enough space for all the pictures and videos that you take.

The helicopter also comes with a wall charger and a screwdriver. The battery of the product is rechargeable which is very good.

The product is about 17 inches in length and a bit over 7 inches in height as well as being a little over 3 inches wide.

The weight of this toy helicopter with camera is 1.15 lbs which is impressive. About 70% of the people that bought this helicopter gave it an impressive rating of between 4-5 stars on Amazon

It also comes with LED lights making the helicopter easy to spot in dark, moreover, the camera is also not bad either, it takes decent quality videos and photos.

Overall, its a very good toy helicopter with camera that is priced very reasonably and has a lot of brilliant features, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to buy this product.


  • Easy to control
  • Decent quality camera
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very reasonably price
  • Looks very good


  • Battery life isn’t the best so you’ll have to buy a couple spare batteries in order to maximize the flight time

wltoys rc heli with camera

WL S977 RC Helicopter With Camera

The second product on our list of the best toy helicopter with camera is a very affordable rc helicopter by Wl Toys.

This is the perfect for teenagers above the age of fourteen, it comes with awesome features such as a decent quality camera and a lot more.

It comes with a very unique remote control that looks like a console controller which is great because you wont have to use your smart-phone to control the drone.

This toy helicopter with camera is programmed to be able to perform 360 degree turns which is pretty sweet, it can also hover in the air smoothly.

Not only does the helicopter itself has a LCD light to help spot it easily in the dark, the remote controller is also equipped with multiple LED lights in order to make it easier for you to operate the helicopter.

This toy helicopter with camera measures an impressive 23cm x 4.5cm x 10.50cm, it also comes with a 3.7 V 280 mAh battery which is more than enough to power the rotor of the helicopter.

A charger, a USB cable to transfer the videos and photos that you shot using the camera of the helicopter, a card reader as well as a 512 MB SD card is included with the product.

A downside of this toy helicopter with camera is that the R/C range of the transmitter is just up to 10 meters which isn’t very impressive at all.

Overall, its a good toy that can also shoot videos and photos through its camera, its ideal to be flown indoors but can also cope with a decent amount of wind should you take it outside.


  • Lightweight, only weighs 535 grams
  • Very easy to control
  • Comes with a handy controller so you won’t have to use your smart-phone to control it
  • Very affordable


  • Camera quality is rather bad
  • Battery life very impressive
  • R/C range is just 10 meters

Luckstar Toy Helicopter With Camera

Luckstar RC Helicopter With HD Camera

The last but not least product on our list of best toy helicopter with camera is this sleek-looking rc helicopter by Luckstar

Not only is this little guy very budget-friendly, it is also packed with quite a lot of useful features. First off, it has a beautiful black body with nice looking green lines over it, making the helicopter look very good.

The size of it is on the small size, measuring just 250x50x110 mm, but the price of the helicopter is really low.

Its camera isn’t that bad either, it is a high definition camera that can shoot videos and pictures at 300,000 pixels which is relatively decent.

The body is made out of high quality plastic, it can survive quite a few crashes as well, making it a very durable product.

Another great thing about this toy helicopter with camera is that it only weighs 67 grams, making it a very portable product, you can take it anywhere with you.

The flight time of this toy helicopter with camera is average at 8 minutes maximum, but the battery charges up in just about 30-40 minutes which is very impressive.

Overall, its a fun little toy helicopter with camera that looks very nice and will surely help you kill a lot time. It is ideal to be flown indoors due to its small size.


  • very light
  • easy to control
  • very affordable
  • looks very good


  • a bit too small
  • transmitter range isn’t very good