electric rc helicopter

BLADE 180 CFX BNF Electric RC Helicopter

This brilliant electronic RC helicopter by blade can be flown just about anywhere, it has a lot of amazing features that make it a perfect choice for someone looking for an electronic rc helicopter.

It is a flybarless helicopter that has a bunch of fancy technology used to manufacture it which helps this helicopter to be very stable and durable. It is one of the best choices at the moment when it comes to rc helicopters.

It comes with a powerful 450 mAh battery that sends more than enough power to its brilliant motor which in turn makes the helicopter fly, the battery life isn’t the best but its also not the worst either.

The copter comes with beautiful and sturdy carbon-fiber side frames that make the helicopter light-weight and strong, it also has a very efficient torque tube powered by ball-bearings to make sure that the helicopter flies at a great speed.

The tail of the product has a very nice looking aluminum bottom. The only downside of this helicopter is that the battery is non-rechargeable, therefore you’ll have to spend extra money from time to time in order to replace the batteries.

Even though it’s just a small 3D model of a real helicopter, it really packs a punch for its size, it can fly at a fairly high altitude and can also cope with slight wind, this electronic rc helicopter can fly at quite a fast pace making it a very fun product.


  • Tail hold is very good
  • Very durable
  • Fairly decent dis loading


  • Doesn’t cope with crashes/hard landings that well
  • Spare parts are very hard to find

blade electric rc helicopter

BLADE mCX2 RTF Electric RC Helicopter

This electronic rc helicopter is the perfect size, it is small enough to be flown by even beginners but big enough to resist a bit of wind. It also comes with beautiful looking built-in LED lights that make the helicopter visible in the dark. Its price is also very reasonable considering the amount of features it offers.

The helicopter comes with different settings, one of them is suitable for new users while the other makes it go faster than usual and is ideal for more experienced users.

It also comes with a very powerful motor and a larger than usual battery to make sure that the helicopter keeps flying for a long time. It is the ultimate electronic rc helicopter that is perfect for beginners and also experts thanks to its settings.

It has 5-in-1 control unit installed in it with a powerful transmitter and a gyro to make sure that the helicopter keeps stable and is easy to control. It flies around effortlessly thanks to the technology used in manufacturing it, maneuvering and changing the altitude of the helicopter is very easy, it also has a fairly wide signal range which is always a plus point.

The size of the helicopter allows you to be able to fly it indoors which is great. You can get the hang of the controls inside before you take it outdoors and do some trick flying.


  • You can carry it anywhere due to its small size
  • Very affordable


  • Battery life is on the shorter side

another blade rc electric helicopter

BLADE 230S BNF Electric RC Helicopter

Here we have another product by Blade! This company really is very good at manufacturing electronic rc helicopters. This particular model comes with a unique “SAFE” technology which makes the product become as stable as it can be.

Another great thing about this electronic rc helicopter is that it comes with three very useful flight modes, the first one is more beginner-friendly as it makes the copter remain stable and not let it go very fast.

The second mode makes the helicopter go faster than usual, but you’ll need a bit of experience to keep it stable. And the third mode is perfect for performing acrobatic stunts and flips, therefore, this electronic rc helicopter has a lot in the storage for both beginners and experts.

A lot of brilliant engineering went behind the 230S helicopter. It is as user-friendly as an electronic rc helicopter can be, but it can still perform some breathtaking flips and stunts just at the click of a button. It sure is a brilliant product.

And if having three flight modes isn’t good enough, this helicopter comes with a panic recovery mode thanks to the “SAFE” technology it possesses.

At just the click of a button, the helicopter will return to a leveled altitude and regain control which is a very handy feature.

It also comes with brushless tail and main rotors which help the stability of the helicopter and make it more responsive.

A downside of this product, however, is that it can only fly for up to 6 minutes at a time, which is pretty low as compared to some similar electronic rc helicopters, it has two motors and a not-so-powerful battery, so it runs out of juice fairly quickly.

Moreover, Blade is a company that takes great priority in customer support, which is always a great thing. Also, if you somehow manage to ram the helicopter into the ground, its not very hard to fix either, finding spare parts for it isn’t a very hard thing.

Overall, its the perfect electronic rc helicopter that comes with an overwhelming amount of features, I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a brilliant electronic rc helicopter but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.


  • Portable due to its size
  • Comes with a camera that isn’t too bad
  • Tail hold is superb


  • Hard to spot over longer distances
  • Durability isn’t too good but you can find spare parts for it on the internet