Cheap FPV Quadcopter


If you’re looking for a cheap fpv quadcopter that gets the job done, then the DJI Phantom 2 is definitely one of the best choices. It is very easy to control, has a quick response time and is also quite durable, just what you need in a drone.

This specific Phantom is a V3 drone, which means that it has upgraded propellers from V2 to help the drone carry more weight without having a negative impact on flight time.

It also has an upgraded transmitter and it has a built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable, therefore, you will not be running out of AA batteries like you would if you bought some other cheap fpv quadcopter which is a plus point.

Another upgrade that the V3 has is that it comes with a status LED light, which gives you an estimate of your battery light, this is a very handy feature, so make sure you buy the Dji Phantom V3 and not V2 because only the V3 has all these cool upgrades.

Furthermore, the remote control of this cheap fpv quadcopter comes with a clamp to mount your smartphone on it, it works with both iOS and Android phones, you can see live footage from the camera of the drone directly to your phone while flying it along with other cool stuff like battery life indicator etc.

Another V3 exclusive feature is that you can tilt the direction of the camera, this is a very important feature for a fpv drone, but thankfully, the Phantom 2 V3 has you covered.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, the video quality of the camera that comes with the drone is just brilliant, it shoots videos in 1080p quality and the footage is absolutely beautiful. All its competitor drones shoot videos at 720p, that’s why the Phantom 2 V3 is the best choice when buying a cheap fpv quadcopter.

You can also buy this drone without a camera for a bit lower price, but then you’ll have to buy an extra mounting space for your GoPro, I’d suggest that you buy it with the built-in camera as its absolutely phenomenal.

You could also purchase a complete first person view add-on which is similar to the virtual reality devices, you’ll be able to see what the drone is seeing via virtual reality, but you should check with your local police department to see if it’s legal in your area as many places have banned the usage of this add-on.

You might be thinking that this drone isn’t really a “cheap fpv quadcopter”, but trust me, the really good ones in its category like Phantom 3 & 4 etc make this drone look like a cheap toy, but it still gets the job done with ease and it wont break your bank account either.


  • You can mount your GoPro to the drone and even shoot videos in slow-motion
  • It also comes with a 1080p full HD camera that takes breathtaking videos
  • You can control the drone from up to 1000 meters away which is amazing


  • You need to mount your smart-phone on the controller in order to use the drone

parrot cheap fpv quadcopter

The Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Edition FPV Quadcopter

Parrot is one of the best companies known to make reliable and affordable drones. And this cheap fpv quadcopter of theirs is no exception either.

When it came out back in 2012, it was one of the cheapest drones around but it could still perform most of the task any expensive drone performed. So this drone pretty much started the era of affordable quadcopters, before that, rc drones were only considered expensive equipment for professionals.

You definitely get your money’s worth with this Parrot drone, it is on a different level as compared to the newer cheap fpv quadcopters around, the first noticeable up side is the build of this drone.

It has frame that is made out of nylon and carbon-fiber which is brilliant, and the motors and propellers are all brushless, these are way more durable and reliable than normal brushed motors. Therefore, the drone is not only good-looking and lightweight, it is also very durable.

Another great thing about this cheap fpv quadcopter is that you get a lot more processing power than any other drone of its kind, and as a result, it comes with automatic kick of, hovering and landing, which means that you can just press a button and the drone will start flying, you can then fly it high into the air and stop pressing any button and it’ll just keep hovering in the air, and then at just the press of one button, it will automatically land.

Therefore, it is an extremely user-friendly drone that does most of the tricky work itself, which is something not very common among drones of this price range.

It also comes with a fairly decent HD camera that records at 720p, you can use the USB cable that comes with the drone to plug it to your computer and access all the videos and pictures you shot using the drone.

There’s also an option to buy the drone with an extra add-on which will allow you to automatically let the drone shoot footage using a set of way-points with the help of GPS, its a rather useless feature though, because flying the drone is the most fun part, why would you want to automate it?

You get two hulls with drone, one for indoor flying and the other for outdoor flying as it has no rotor guards. But the drone isn’t ready to fly right out of the box, you’ll need your own iOS or Android smartphone to download an app stated in the manual and set your drone up using it, then your smartphone will pretty much become the controller of the drone.

And to be honest, it can take quite a while before you get used to the controls, your fingers also might slip off the virtual joysticks, but you’re going to have to deal with it as that is the only downside to this amazing but cheap fpv quadcopter. You should probably read the manual though, that will surely help you get the hang of the controls a little bit.

The upside of the app is that it lets you know the status of the battery life and such, you could also perform flips if you have more than 30% of the battery life remaining which is pretty sweet.

Another upside of the drone is that it can fly for up to 15 minutes which is better than many of the drones in this category, recharging it take about an hour, sometimes a bit more depending on how drained the battery is.

To prolong the flight time, you can buy a spare battery which doesn’t cost a lot of money either, so that way you can swap out the used up battery with the spare one and continue flying the drone.


  • Battery life is pretty decent
  • It is quite affordable
  • Very durable


  • You’ll need your smart-phone to control the drone