lutema big rc helicopter

Lutema 3.5CH Big RC Helicopter

This Lutema RC helicopter is definitely one of the most stable ones out there, it flies smoothly through the air without swerving around too much like some of the other big rc helicopters.

And it has a very unique feature, which is the LED switch that can actually be used even when the helicopter is in the middle of a flight, impressive!

Lutema sure is a rising new brand! Its products are known as the most reliable and stable ones among the buyers, the people behind Lutema sure are making a name for themselves..

Another plus point about this company is that they have a vast variety of spare parts available on their official website, therefore people prefer their products over other companies as maintaining their products is a lot easier than the ones produced by any other company.


  • It is easy and fun to fly
  • It is durable


  • The tail blade is a bit too small.
  • The landing gear doesn’t feel very durable

cyclone big rc helicopter

WL Toys V262 Cyclone

An ideal big rc helicopter should be able to fly for quite a while without running out of battery or loosing control even if there is a little bit of breeze around.

Another important factor is the battery, you’ll want to be able to quickly swap out the old ones with brand new ones without wasting too much time so you are able to take off again.

This particular big rc helicopter meets the above requirements perfectly! It can take on flights up to 8 minutes and 30 seconds long which are more than enough to exhaust you, moreover, it can also tackle a bit of wind which is always a plus point.

It can easily handle a bit of breeze as mentioned above due to its large size, but because it weighs quite a lot, it isn’t the fastest rc helicopter around, and sure isn’t the most power-efficient either, the battery needs up to 1 hour and 30 minutes to completely charge and runs out in less than 10 minutes of air time which is honestly not very impressive at all, but considering the price and the fact that it is indeed a big rc helicopter, I’d say its still worth the hassle.


  • You can adjust the Cyclone’s flight speed to best match your level of expertise.


  • Battery takes a long time to recharge.

hero big rc helicopter

Hero RC H911 Helicopter

Finding a RC helicopter that handles well and also provides ease of flight is a pretty hard thing to do, but this Hero iRocket helicopter fits the needs perfectly.

It uses a single tilting rotor which provides not only great control over the helicopter, but also brilliant maneuverability.

Thanks to this feature, you can change the course of the flight easily without the helicopter loosing control and smashing into the ground.

For extra stability, this rc helicopter uses a cross bar, even though its more reliable than an electronic gyroscope, you wont be able to do flips and trick flying as the crossbar doesn’t allow that happen.

That said, this helicopter actually comes with a second mode that is meant to double its flying speed! Although you wont be able to do flips using this helicopter, you can still do some pretty cool leaps here and there.

It is also built to last, the materials used to manufacture this big rc helicopters are super light, which makes sure that the helicopter bounces back upon crashing onto a hard surface, and its rotor blade actually automatically detaches upon impact which is brilliant, you can easily mount it back on and continue flying after a crash.


  • The helicopter’s four-channel radio transmitter lets you strafe side to side.


  • Its crossbar stabilizer isn’t as advanced as an internal gyroscope, so you can’t perform loops or other advanced tricks.

large rc helicopter

Safstar QS8006-2 Control Led Helicopter

This Safstar S107G 3.5 Channel big RC Helicopter with GYRO is great contender on this list. It looks very nice and has some awesome features, its battery takes up to an hour and a half to completely charge and then the helicopter can fly for up to 7-10 exciting minutes.

Its powered on a battery that is rechargeable, it consists of 4 AA batteries which are not included with the helicopter, so you’ll have to buy these separately, but worry not, they don’t cost more than few dollars.

Its a fairly easy-to-use rc helicopter that consists of a handy gyroscope, it has two joysticks on its controller, one used for steering and the other for throttle, and it also has a third button for the backward wing to keep the copter from swinging left to right and vice versa in case of a wind.

This is definitely one of the easiest to fly rc helicopters out there, I’ll suggest you to buy it if you’re a beginner in rc helicopter flying.

Its a perfect product for people that aren’t looking to do anything crazy with it, although experienced pilots should be able to squeeze a lot more from it if they use the copter correctly.

If you’re a total beginner at this sort of thing, then fly the helicopter indoors first to get the hang of the controllers, after a couple of crashes, you should be able to handle it perfectly well, now you can head out and fly your rc helicopter high above.

In conclusion, I definitely recommended this product to both beginners and professionals! You’ll certainly be satisfied with it.


  • Easy to fly
  • Durable


  • Short battery life