best syma quadcopter under 100

The Syma X5C quad copter

The Syma X5C is one user-friendly quadcopter, it comes with features to help you keep the drone in the air without crashing it even if you don’t know anything about flying drones.

The drone has a beautiful white casing along with white blades, it is made out of pretty durable material and can last for quite a long while if you don’t crash it every other day.

It comes with some pretty cool features such as the 360 degree eversion which makes the drone hover in the air like a helicopter without you having to do anything.

Besides the normal flying functions such as turning the drone from left to right or raising or decreasing the altitude, you actually have two flight modes that come in pretty handy.

The first mode is perfect for beginners, it caps the high speed of the drone and makes it more stable, while the second mode is ideal for pros, it lets the drone fly on its true potential, and you can even perform some trick flying using this mode if you’re good enough of a pilot.

It also comes with a pretty decent camera, so you can capture your flying experiences in the form of HD pictures or videos. It is indeed one of the best quadcopter under 100, the amount of features it has is just amazing compared to its price.


  • Doesn’t loose control thanks to its unique technology
  • Comes with protective guards to help the drone survive any crashes
  • The battery life is surprisingly good for a drone that weighs two pounds


  • Camera quality isn’t really that good

amazing quadcopter under 100

The UDI U818A Quad Copter

The UDI U818A is one of the best quadcopter under 100 that is feature-packed and can also be used to record videos thanks to its on-board camera.

It has a stylish looking black casing and comes with 4 circular blade protectors to make sure that the propellers of the drone don’t break upon crashing. It is also perfect for flying indoors as it is a very stable drone.

The built-in blade protectors will not only just protect the rotors, they will also make sure that you don’t end up ruining your walls or interior of your house if you fly the drone inside, which is amazing.

The drone comes with a 6 axis gyro which makes it very stable in the air, it also has a 4-channel remote controller that makes the drone very responsive. It also has a fairly decent camera that can take both pictures as well as videos.

It can take up to two hours to charge the battery which is a long time, so you’ll need to buy some spare batteries for it if you don’t want to wait for several hours before you could fly your drone for just a few minutes.

The signal range of the drone is not very good either, it will start losing signal after just being 30 meters away from the controller, so you’ll have to chase after it if you plan to fly it farther away from your location.

Overall, its not the best quadcopter under 100, but its still up there thanks to its amazing stability and durability.


  • Lightweight drone
  • Quite durable
  • Very stable
  • Fairly easy to control


  • Camera quality is rather poor

cool quadcopter under 100

The Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

The third product on our list another compact built drone, it is a fun little toy that will surely keep you busy.

Just like the drone above, it also has a beautiful black casing but it also has some sleek-looking white markings on it, so the drone certainly looks fantastic. But its not the only color the drone comes in, it has some variations such black with green or black with red etc.

As a drone that can fit in the palm of your hand, it is advised to buy it in a bright color so you’ll be able to easily keep track of the drone while flying it.

It also isn’t the best quadcopter under 100 because it doesn’t even come with a camera, but it has many other upsides to it, after all, it is indeed a low budget drone.

It is also built to last, it can survive quite a few crashes thanks to the durable material used to build the drone, so it wont stop working after just a couple crashes.

A great thing about the structure of this drone is that it doesn’t have any bolts or screws that might come undone upon crashing against a hard surface, therefore the cost of maintaining the drone is also quite low which is a great thing.

And another great feature of this quadcopter is that it comes with a brilliant stunt-mode, all you have to do is just press a button, and now you can perfomr barrel rolls, flips and a wide range of other stunts which is brilliant, drones of this price range usually can’t do things like that.

It also has relatively bright LED lights to help you spot the drone in dark, moreover, it comes with rubber feet to absorb the impact of a hard landing, the manufacturers have done a very good job at making the drone very durable.


  • Very affordable, making it one of the best quadcopter under 100
  • Battery charges up rather quickly


  • Doesn’t really cope well with wind due to its small size

cheapest quadcopter ever

The Cheerson CX-10 mini Quadcopter

This quadcopter is also more of a small toy than it is an actual drone, but it is priced very reasonably for the amount of features it has.

It is one of the best quadcopter under 100, making it the ideal gift for children or someone with no experience in flying drones, it comes with a beautiful orange casing with a shiny orange base.

It is a pretty small product that can easily fit inside the palm of your hands, and due to its small size, it doesn’t come with a camera either which is a bit of a let down.

But despite its small size, it still has a 6-axis gyro system that keeps the quad to remain stable while flying, not many drones of this size have this brilliant system.

Due to its small size, it doesn’t do that will if there’s any wind going on, so you might want to just fly this drone inside.

You don’t have to worry about crashing the drone as it is built to withstand crashing onto solid surfaces, but crashing it way too often will take its toll on the drone so you should probably think about buying blade protectors for it so your rotors remain safe in case of a crash.

And if you manage to damage your blades, you can easily find a replacement online and pop the old ones off and replace them with the new ones without having to screw or unscrew anything which is very nice.

It can fly for up to 8 minutes in the air, charging the battery takes less than an hour. Overall, it has the characteristics of the best quadcopter under 100. I definitely recommend it


  • Easy to control
  • Low priced product
  • Comes with 3 useful flight modes
  • Up to 8 minutes flight time which is impressive for a drone of this price range


  • No low battery warning
  • Propellers tend to detach upon crashing but popping them back is easy
  • Not a very fast drone
  • Can’t do any flips or trick flying
  • The remote control is a bit too small