best beginner quadcopter

Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam

Hobbico is a well-known RC manufacturer in the USA and has made quite a lot of rc products, some of which happen to be rc drones.

This particular model is one of the best beginner quadcopters on the market, it has a self-stabilization system that prevents the drone from losing control, it sure is a fun product that can be used for both filming videos and killing some free time.

Overall, it sure is a very fun toy from beginners, it’s small in size which makes it very easy to take it anywhere, moreover, it can fly at a great speed due to it being lightweight, it sure has its ups and downs but I’d say it’s definitely worth the money.

You can also fly it indoors, and thanks to its stabilization technology, crashing this drone is a pretty hard thing to do, but even if you manage to crash it while you’re still getting used to the controls, it’ll bounce right back into action thanks to the durable and flexible material used to manufacture it.


  • Very lightweight
  • Quite durable
  • Charges up rather quickly


  • Camera quality isn’t the best
  • Battery life isn’t that good

cheap best beginner quadcopter

Parrot Mini-Drone Rolling Spider

This mini drone by Parrot packs quite the punch, it is small enough to be held in your palm but it generates quite a lot noise too, it’s a fun little gadget that you can use to kill some time and enjoy yourself.

It is supposed to be an easy-to-use drone, but you’ll have to assemble it first before you could fly it, which can be a little bit tricky unless you give the instructions a good read.

It does indeed qualify for the best beginner quadcopter thanks to it being very easy to control and also being quite durable.

If you’re looking to become an expert in flying drones but don’t want to ruin a hundreds of dollars worth of drone in the process, then buying this drone is a very good idea as you’d be able to brush up your quadcopter flying skills using this product.

Overall, its a very beginner-friendly product that is relatively easy to assemble and very easy to control. But keep in mind that you’ll need your smart-phone to control this drone.


  • Easy-to-pilot
  • Very durable
  • Packed with a lot of features
  • User-friendly


  • Bad camera quality
  • Low flight time (8 minutes max)
  • Takes an hour and a half to recharge
  • No extra batteries or propellers

very cheap best beginner quadcopter

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini

This particular product is absolutely loved by the customers, it costs such a low amount of money that buying this drone is a no-brainer, it comes with quite a lot of features for its price and is built to last for up to years which is quite amazing.

It can however, take you quite a while before you get familiar with the controls as they aren’t the easiest ones around in the drone industry, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be flying this drone like a pro.

It’s the perfect product for people looking to learn how to fly drones or just trying to have some fun, it definitely is a solid contender of the best beginner quadcopter title.

It is made out of an ABS plastic body that is quite strong, it wont break unless you accidentally step on the drone, crashing it somewhere is not enough to kill this drone which is really great.

You can also fly this drone indoors and relieve some stress, it is a very fun way to get your mind off of stressful thoughts and just enjoy yourself.


  • Definitely one of the best beginner quadcopter around
  • The price is unbeatable
  • Comes with 3 different flight modes, these are very useful
  • Can fly for up to 8 minutes straight


  • Doesn’t have a low battery warning
  • Propellers tend to fall off upon crashing or after a hard landing
  • Doesn’t fly very fast despite its small size

hubsan beginner quadcopter

Hubsan H111 Nano Drone

This hubsan nano drone is definitely one of the smallest drones around that are also fully functional, therefore it is perfect for beginners looking to just get the hang of flying drones.

Hubsan is a well-known quadcopter manufacturer that is known to product durable and high quality drones, and this product is no exception either.

This drone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor flying, but because of its small size and not so powerful motor, it won’t be able to perform well in a windy situation, therefore it is better to just fly it indoors if there’s a wind blowing, or you mind loose control and end up breaking your drone.

The price tag of this drone is very impressive indeed, making it a very good contender for the best beginner quadcopter title, it is built out of high quality material and should last for quite a long time should you take proper care of it.

It comes with two modes, the beginner and expert mode, in the expert mode, the drone will fly at greater speeds but you will need to focus a bit more in order to keep it from crashing, the beginner mode makes sure that the drone doesn’t fly too quickly or loose control.

A downside of this drone is that the flight times are very low at just being around 5 minutes, so you’ll need to buy quite a few spare batteries in order to enjoy a fun flying session. But the good thing is, charging the battery only takes about 30 minutes using the USB cable that comes with the drone.

The drone can be hard to control due to its small transmitter, so if you have big hands, you might want to think twice before buying it. Moreover, flying it in dark is almost impossible because it’ll be very hard to spot the drone due to its small size.

Overall, its a fun little toy that is definitely one of the best beginner quadcopter, if you’re just looking to get used to drone flying and don’t want to spend too much money in the process, this product is perfect for you.


  • Perfect to fly indoors
  • Pretty durable
  • Battery charge up in just 30 minutes


  • Doesn’t come with any spare batteries
  • Flight time is pretty low